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Objective Research and Evaluation Inc. has provided us with excellent service for our Power Youth Initiative. This program required an extensive on-going and annual review and evaluation process. The Objective team is pleasant, professional and ethical, and we looking forward to continuing to work with them in the future.

Sandra Proseilo
Program Manager
Parkland Youth Homes Society

About Objective Research & Evaluation

The word “objective,” often used in the business community, is the object or goal of one’s efforts or actions. When used as an adjective, the word means unbiased knowledge or truth based on fact. These two definitions are the cornerstones on which Objective Research and Evaluation is built.

Objective is a consulting firm that works with organizations of all sizes providing a clear lens through which they can move forward and accomplish their goals. Solutions and recommendations are based on proven expertise and sound evidence. The company offers customized solutions in Evaluation, Applied Research, Project Management and Planning. Training and coaching are available in each area.

What sets Objective apart is its aversion to the “cookie-cutter” approach. With a commitment to developing a true and thorough sense of what clients really need, Objective works collaboratively with stakeholders to develop solutions that are focused on taking them where they want to go. Objective fits into each client’s world in any way  whether that means working on the components of something larger, or taking on the entire project.

Objective Research and Evaluation was founded by Christopher Cameron, a psychologist, professor, applied research and evaluation mentor, and training workshop facilitator. Christopher has more than ten years of experience leading complex applied research and evaluation projects, and working as a project manager and planner. 

Operating from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Objective is nimble, responsive and technically superior. With a well-established network of experienced consultants, Objective has the ability and resources to bring in the right skills at the right time to meet their client’s unique needs.

While the depth of each project varies, the quality of the service does not. The uncompromising standards of Objective have translated into significant organizational improvement and ROI for clients across the country.

For more information on how Objective Research and Evaluation can help you realize your project, program or organizational goals, contact us today.