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Non-Profit Organizations
Could your organization make a real difference by doing things… differently?
Your not-for-profit is doing important work. Whether it’s making a difference in people’s lives, raising awareness of a serious problem or raising funds for research your work has purpose.
Yet passion, purpose and hard work don’t always lead to the desired results.
Are your processes aligned with your goals? Are you able to convince major funders to give your organization their support? Can you produce tangible proof of results?
Through our customizable solutions, Objective works with non-profits to:
  • Research and gather evidence to convince stakeholders and funders that your programs will work 
  • Evaluate your programs and processes so you can be confident you’re headed in the right direction
  • Plan fundraising programs with a clear path to positive outcomes
  • Analyze and advise to improve on your project management - or manage a project for you
  • Utilize findings to create reports and push them out to your stakeholders
  • Help ensure your organization is transparent and accountable
  • Build your professional status in the eyes of donors
  • Make effective use of your internal resources through training and coaching
Whatever your definition of success for your non-profit organization is, we can help
you get there. Contact us today.