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We have worked with Christopher Cameron at Objective for a year. We especially appreciate the care taken to understand our needs as a client in the non-profit sector, and the helpful advice and guidance on how to structure our evaluation activities.

Michelle Clarke
Executive Director
Burns Memorial Fund

Applied Research
It's easier to get to your destination if you know where the rocks are.

If you have specific questions, need to meet a certain objective, want to prepare for challenges, or require affirmation of the decisions you've made, let the experience of others show you the way.

Applied Research draws from the evidence that exists in the world at large to help you plot next steps and take actions that are right for your project, program or organization. Through investigative research, we dig deeper to bring you the best, most relevant evidence you need to confidently and clearly move forward.

What works best for us is what works best for you, so all Objective solutions are customized for our clients. Our Applied Research service may include some or all of the following:

  • Evidence Review and Synthesis - We'll define an area or multiple areas that you need evidence in, gather information and synthesize it in a way that's relevant to your audience and decision-making needs.
    • Literature reviews - careful examination of the empirical literature to point you in the right direction.
    • Systematic reviews - a highly structured, rigorous critique and synthesis of the empirical literature.
    • Needs assessments - examining the needs of the people that you serve.
    • Environmental scans - learning from others doing similar things as you.
  • Design - We'll come up with the right questions to answer your specific needs.
    • Study design - a tailor-made strategy to generate knowledge about your topic that does not already exist.
    • Study protocol development - the action plan that will take you from wondering to knowing.
  • Methods and Approaches - Based on the study design you choose, we'll select the most rigorous methods and approaches to address your study questions.
    • Implementation and Data Collection - We'll carry out the work in the study design and protocol.  This covers everything involved in collecting and managing your data.
    • Analysis and Interpretation of Data - We'll analyze the information collected, using the best techniques possible, and interpret everything for you to help it all make sense.
    • Knowledge exchange/creation of reports - We'll help you push the information out there to your specific audiences and assist you in plotting a course for future action.
Training - Making the most of your internal resources.

Objective offers training or coaching, in groups or one-on-one, to make the most of your best. We can identify the needs of your group and train them at whatever level they're at to grow and excel. For more information on our customized, flexible training services, contact us to discuss your needs.


Let us help you learn, benefit and grow from the success of others. Contact us to find out more about how Objective Applied Research can help your project, program or organization today.